LimeWire Basic Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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As a person searches the web for various files such as movies, pictures and music they tend to find realize that not everything is available from an Internet browser. This makes LimeWire Basic a great alternative for downloading these types of files.

With LimeWire Basic a person can download all these types of files regardless of where they are situated in the world. These files are safely uploaded and downloaded on this software without any worries about viruses or malware.

Best of all, LimeWire Basic comes with a built in media player to make it easy for users to enjoy their files all in the same software. Those who prefer using iTunes will absolutely love this because it merges files directly into iTunes once the download has completed. With a constantly updated library of available files, there is always new content to download.

LimeWire Basic is a free peer-to-peer file sharing program that allows users to share and search all types of computer files (movies, games, pictures, music). It contains no spyware, adware or other bundled software and is compatible with all major platforms. LimeWire's open source code is also available to the public and developed partially by the programmer community. LimeWire is available in two editions: LimeWire BASIC, the free version, and LimeWire PRO an enhanced paid version.

Main features:

- Doesn't contain any form of spyware, adware or bundled softwares.

- Allows Firewall to Firewall transfers.

- Offers fast network connections using new "UDP Host Caches"

- Supports UPnP (universal plug-and-play) finding this way more results offering faster downloads.

- Integrates with iTunes.

- LimeWire recognizes OGGs and MP3s licensed under a Creative Commons License.

- Users can browse the LimeWire network for recent content additions.

- Supports web proxies to route downloads and protect identities.

- Supports International searches and International groups.

- Built-in media player.

- Downloads from multiple hosts.

System Requirements:

256 MB RAM and a live connection to the internet.

LimeWire Basic  Free Download screenshot